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I was very impressed with the 2011 Astia London Investor Forum and by the quality of the companies presenting.

- Charlotte-Anne Nelson, Principal, Balderton Capital

About Astia

Founded in 1999 in Silicon Valley, Astia is an innovative global not-for-profit organization that propels women's full participation as entrepreneurs and leaders in high-growth businesses, fueling innovation and driving economic growth.  Astia offers programs for high-growth start-ups that deliver results.

Research indicates that if women were to fully participate in high-growth entrepreneurship we would see a significant and measurable benefit to the economy, innovation, and society. Astia's mission is to provide access to the networks and expertise that women high-growth entrepreneurs need to succeed, and ultimately to impact today's global economy.

Astia Programs

  • Provide access to capital
  • Ensure sustainable high-growth
  • Develop the executive leadership of the women on the founding team

Astia Model

Designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs who understand the value of extraordinary relationships and believe in the give-back, Astia connects entrepreneurs to investors, industry leaders, advisors, and service providers encircling the entrepreneur with a comprehensive value-ad network.  Our role is to facilitate access to the proven pathways to success and deliver results.

Funding, Growth and Leadership for Exceptional Entrepreneurs

Astia is a community of over 4000 experts committed to building women leaders and accelerating the funding and growth of the companies they lead.  The Astia Advisor Network includes more than 1,200 investors and 450 current and former c-level startup executives.

Markets Served

  • Silicon Valley
  • New York
  • Europe
  • India
The Astia program gave me instant access to very valuable feedback from some of the best in the industry and very quickly grew my network of investors.  Birame Sock, Founder, Third Solutions, Inc. and serial entrepreneur 

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