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I found each of the Astia team to be intelligent, professional, genuinely warm, understanding, and anticipating my personal needs - a real class act. I believe you made me a better CEO in the process

Mary Skelly, Microbide

Apply to Astia

SUBMIT YOUR FUNDRAISING MATERIALS HERE>> to be considered for the premier funding offering for high-growth companies - from seed to exit. Please include a robust Executive Summary - see bottom of page for a list of suggested items to include*.

Ongoing funding opportunities include access to Astia Angels, Astia Venture Lunches (60+ accredited investors- Silicon Valley, New York & London) and Astia expert community screening which provides your company visibility in front of domain experts and potential investors from around the world.

Qualification Criteria

  • An innovative product or offering in a high-growth sector such as Technology, Life Science, Clean Tech, or, in certain circumstances, high-growth Consumer products
  • A high-growth investment opportunity - at any stage of growth
  • An exceptional team, product, and business strategy
  • A significant market opportunity with initial customer traction or feedback
  • A defendable competitive advantage
  • At least one woman in a founder or leadership role and in a significant position of equity and influence

Astia Expert Sift TM

Astia’s propriety approach creates a disruptive and highly effective mechanism for selecting only the top woman-led or co-led deals from our extensive global pipeline.

Astia engages in a three-part proven methodology for screening deals that includes robust feedback from our 5,000-member expert community, the result being that over 50 experts will have reviewed and supported a deal before it receives funding.

How it works

Step 1: Meet the baseline Astia criteria found above
Step 2: Online screening by industry experts and influencers and review of their feedback
Step 3: Virtual screening by venture-backed serial entrepreneurs and review of their feedback

Entrepreneurs who pass each stage of Astia's screening process present at the Astia Venture Lunch in front of an audience of qualified angel and venture capital investors.

Additionally, entrepreneurs within the Astia pipeline are also eligible for consideration by Astia Angels, who have priority visibility into the entire pipeline. Astia Angels is a global network of female and male angel investors that invests in women-led, high-growth ventures that apply to Astia. Astia Angels may invite a company to present at an Astia Angels meeting, perform due diligence on a company and/or invest in a company at any stage of the company's progression through the Astia pipeline process.

Along with access to capital, entrepreneurs who are present at Astia's Venture Lunch and for Astia Angels receive, where appropriate, continued support from Astia in the form of introductions, potential nominations to awards and media opportunities, invitations to exclusive events, advisory opportunities and additional support through to exit.


*Executive Summary:  we recommend the following items be included in your 1-2 page document:

  • Customer Problem
  • Product & Services
  • Revenue Model / How your company makes money
  • Target Market and Total Market Size
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Proof of Concept (Customers & Traction) 
  • Competitors and Competitive Advantage
  • Management Team and Experience
  • Financial Snapshot
  • Advisors
  • Previous Investors
  • Capital Seeking
  • Contact Info



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