Exclusive Q&A With a Woman Pioneer in Biotech | Astia Advisory Board member, Nola Masterson

May 15, 2013

Innovation thrives when different people come together. Diversity stimulates imagination and new ideas. However, 35 years ago, there were very few women in life sciences and venture capital. Nola Masterson was a pioneer.

For decades, Nola has been a forward thinker in the biotechnology industry. She was the co-founder and President of Sequenom SQNM 0%, Inc., a DNA sequencing company which went public on Nasdaq in 2000. She was the first biotech analyst on Wall Street for Drexel Burnham and Merrill Lynch.

Today, Nola Masterson is Managing Director of Science Futures and Board Chair at Repros Therapeutics. She is also Adjunct Professor at the University of San Francisco in the School of Management.

Nola is not only a role model, but she is also a keystone in the human Rainforest, connecting people and opening doors for the next generation. Among her ways of giving back: she serves on the Board of Advisors of Astia, a nonprofit that supports women entrepreneurs.

We are honored to have Nola join us today, as she tells us about her own Rainforest.