The 7 Businesses Venture Capitalists Are Really Interested In


VCs fill us in on the sectors likely to score major financing in the months and years ahead.

The following excerpt [that includes Astia Angels] is from Entrepreneur's book Your Business . Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes

From the book:
Sharon Vosmek, CEO of Astia, a San Francisco-based nonprofit dedicated to identifying and promoting women as high-growth entrepreneurs, sees innovations in traditionally underfunded areas, like women’s health and reproductive health, as a growing market. Astia Angels, a global network of angel investors, backs select Astia companies.

“We plan to double down on those companies that actually understand that the female health-care market is a large and expanding market,” Vosmek says. A few examples from the Astia Angels portfolio: nVision Medical, a medical device startup tackling female infertility, and Naya Health, which makes a smart breast pump for nursing mothers.