A Seasoned Venture Capitalist Explains How to Raise Money

May 6, 2017

A Q&A with https://www.linkedin.com/in/amanda-eilian-13025b6/ Amanda Eilian

Of all the gender inequalities in the business world, these two facts really blew our minds: Only 10 percent of VC funding goes to startups with a female founder—despite studies (like this one in the Harvard Business Review) showing that companies led by women actually outperform their male-founded counterparts.

Entrepreneur/goop angel investor Amanda Eilian earned her reputation as an expert in this space working for big venture capital firms, then taking her own company, Videolicious, through five rounds of fundraising before becoming an investor herself. Somehow she balances that success with being a mother of four, so we felt lucky to pin her down for a (hugely informative) session of Fundraising 101. Below, Amanda’s incredible real-talk guide to fundraising, entrepreneurship, and getting women-led ventures off the ground.