Astia Angels announces first European investment - and promise more!

Nov 18, 2015

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO – 18 November, 2015

OZO mops up investment for powerful food hygiene technology

Ozone Purification Ltd (OZO), developers of powerful and environmentally friendly food safety and hygiene solutions, has secured investment from global investors Astia Angels and Wheatsheaf Group.

OZO’s technology uses electricity to transform water and salt into disinfectants for the food production and food processing industries and has been shown to:

significantly reduce the power, water and hazardous chemicals used to clean and disinfect food manufacturing environments
boost food safety and shelf life by killing bacteria on food surfaces
protect crops from common plant diseases

Rowan Gardner, CEO, believes the investment will enable the company to accelerate its products to the market.

She said: “Our customers are fantastic advocates for our business, reporting that they have not seen this scale of innovation in food processing hygiene for 30 years. As a result we were able to secure capital from a high quality and committed global investor base that has the connections to help us scale the business.”

OZO’s cost effective cleaning and disinfectant products can be manufactured on site by customers.

When used as part of a daily cleaning operation it replaces hazardous chemicals and significantly reduces the cleaning cycle time as well as the water and energy used.

Furthermore, washing fresh produce in OZO’s products kills bacteria and viruses that cause food spoilage, food poisoning and increases the safety and quality of food in the shops.

Sharon Vosmek, CEO of Astia and lead angel in this investment, said: “We couldn’t be more thrilled that our first investment outside of the US is into such an incredibly impressive leadership team alongside such a reputable co-investor. Astia Angels member investors around the globe are participating in this deal: from Silicon Valley, New York and Boston to London and Frankfurt, reflecting the truly global nature of our network and our vast ability to identify high growth potential companies led by women. The potential for OZO is extremely exciting and there was real enthusiasm for this investment and team from our members.”

Wheatsheaf Group, who have also invested in the company, believe in meeting increasing demands on the world’s resources by encouraging the commercial development of more efficient practices and technologies and find ways of producing more from less.

Anthony James, Wheatsheaf Group’s Chief Investment Officer, said: “OZO is an innovative electrolyzed water production platform with proprietary chemistry that has proven its potential utility to impact the food production and processing sectors. It further strengthens our portfolio of businesses that seek to make better use of global resources. We look forward to working with Rowan and the OZO team to help enable industry across the world to produce food with increased efficiency and help meet the demands of a growing global population.”

About Ozone Purification
Founded in May 2012 by David Thurston, Ozone Purification develops and markets products based on gaseous ozone in commercial kitchens and electrolyzed water for effective cleaning and disinfection, crop protection and food safety. The company works with leading food processors and crop scientists to prove the efficacy and efficiency of their electrolyzed water products. The company has been supported by a number of InnovateUK grants that have co-funded the initial development of its intellectual property.

About Astia Angels
Astia Angels is the premier global network investing in companies with inclusive executive teams. Since its launch in 2013, members have invested over $7.4M (more than $42M in syndication) into 29 early-stage companies, with at least one woman in position of leadership, holding equity and significant influence. Averaging nearly 1.5 investments per month, Astia Angels is quickly becoming one of the most active private equity investment networks. Astia Angels syndicates globally with top tier private equity firms, venture capital firms, family offices, and high net worth individuals. Astia Angels is a program of Astia, a global 501(c)3 organization committed to propelling the success of high growth start-ups with gender inclusive leadership teams.

About Wheatsheaf Group
Wheatsheaf was established at the beginning of 2012 by Grosvenor Estate. Its remit is specifically to develop and invest in businesses that will contribute solutions towards meeting the global challenge brought about by a rapidly changing world population and its demands for food, energy and water in an increasingly resource constrained environment.