Astia Appoints Financial Industry Expert Karen Clark to its Board of Directors

May 14, 2019

Union Square Investment Company Managing Director broadens investment opportunities and brings experience with family offices to the global investment network backing startups with women leaders

SAN FRANCISCO, May 14, 2019-- Astia, the global organization that levels the investment playing field for entrepreneurial teams with women leaders, today announced the addition of Karen Clark to its board of directors. Clark has more than seven years of experience managing family offices, currently serving as Managing Director at Union Square Investment Company, but nearly 20 years in the financial planning industry, where she helped clients with all aspects of efficient investing and wealth management.

“I’ve been inspired by Astia’s work for several years, ever since I was introduced to the organization through a former client. Joining its board now was a natural next step in the evolution of our work together, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring my experience with family offices, and more specifically women leaders, to the table," said Clark. “I’ve seen first-hand how impactful it can be for female entrepreneurs to connect directly with investors and expert advisors. I’ve been consistently impressed with Astia’s mission to provide female business leaders with equal access to funding and am excited to be part of an organization working to address the investment challenges female entrepreneurs face.”

The Astia Expert Sift™ allows Astia investors to source, screen, advise, and select those potential investments that include women in positions of equity and influence. This proprietary methodology has proven effective at ensuring that Astia selects only the best-in-class companies.

"Astia’s focus continues to be set squarely on investing in innovative companies that include women leaders," said Sharon Vosmek, CEO of Astia. "Karen’s background and relationships with families of wealth and family offices will bring access to new capital and trusted networks that can provide real value to the companies we serve.” Astia Angels, a global investment network of highly engaged and experienced family offices and individuals, has invested $22.5 million of its own capital into 49 companies alongside more than $280 million in syndicate funding. To date, six companies have exited the portfolio, with four returning above-market returns for the investors.

About Astia
Astia is a global organization that levels the investment playing field for entrepreneurial teams with women leaders. Unlike most VC's, investment firms, or accelerators, Astia provides a creative, proven approach with the Astia Expert Sift™, contributing to the success of female entrepreneurs and their ventures. With four above market exits, Astia further validates its thesis that investing in women entrepreneurs is an exceptional investment strategy. For more information, visit