Astia CEO Sharon Vosmek makes "List of Female Angel and Early-Stage Investors in Tech"

Jun 9, 2015

By Mackenzie Burnett | Ladies Storm Hackthons | Jun 8
List of Female Angel and Early-Stage Investors in Tech

When I went to research early-stage investors, however, I found it incredibly difficult to find anyone other than male investors in my startup’s space (application infrastructure/PaaS/enterprise). Determined, I found with a little digging that the information I was looking for was there — it was just scattered across the internet. Starting with female investors, I consolidated my findings into a descriptive list of experienced angels and early-stage investors with experience in all sorts of tech, so that anyone can easily use it to choose today to pursue diverse investor and advisory boards.

Angels and early-stage investors:

Shanna Tellerman, Partner at Google Ventures. Invests in consumer internet, enterprise software, and mobile. Invested in LE TOTE,, and Wanderable. Also founded Sim Ops Studios, which was acquired by Autodesk.

Sharon Vosmek, CEO of Astia. Invests in cleantech, consumer internet, mobile, and enterprise software. Invested in Poshly, nVision Medical, Sandstone Diagnostics, RenovoRx, FINsix, EcoTensil, Prima-Temp.