Astia Mentioned in "Hillary & Women"

Mar 17, 2016

The New York Review of Books | By: Zoë Heller | April 7, 2016 Issue

When Hillary Clinton started losing young women voters to Barack Obama in the Democratic primaries of 2008, the common wisdom among her supporters was that she had messed things up by not “running as a woman.”1 She had refused to grant any particular significance to her gender; she had sought out the endorsements of generals; she had projected “masculine” commander-in-chief qualities at the expense of showing her warm, emotional, “feminine” side.

Hillary Clinton at a roundtable discussion about women and technology, San Francisco, March 2000. At left is Lavonne Luquis, cofounder of the Internet start-up; at right is Cate Muther, founder of the Women’s Technology Cluster (now called Astia), an incubator for female entrepreneurs in the high-tech industry.