Keynote by Astia CEO, Sharon Vosmek at ASPIRE Conference 14-15 May 2014, Krakow Poland‏

May 15, 2014

Seeding a Culture of Innovation: Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable | May 15, 2014‏

About ASPIRE 2014 | The business and technology services industry has exploded across Central and Eastern Europe over the past 10 years. In Poland alone, 120,000 people work in the industry with headcount growing around 20% per annum.

“The World isn’t Flat: why place matters and what it means for us” will explore the global and the local dimensions which impact the industry’s growth. Exploring the interplay between the local and the global we will seek to understand what makes some places stand out from the crowd in an increasingly flat world.

Prompted by speakers from both the local and global spheres – leaders from the world of business, politics and government – we will explore the global political and economic realities that impact the industry at the local level – and from which locations in CEE have benefited these past few years. We will also explore the local and regional strategies and tools which can enable companies operating in particular locations to plug into global opportunity.

The host city for the conference is Kraków, the top ranked location for business and technology services in Europe.

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