Milken Institute Forum | Innovating Women - The Changing Face of Technology

Oct 12, 2014

Milken Institute Forum | October 7, 2014 | Full Forum Video

In his new book (with Farai Chideya), Vivek Wadhwa has created a place for the voices of hundreds of great women, aiming to motivate and inspire thousands more to join the innovation economy—and better the world. In the United States, women account for half of the population, but only 14 percent of engineers are women. All the same, these women have been able to take the seeds of technological advancement and build something life-changing and potentially life-saving. Clearly, the future of technology depends on the full and active participation of women and men working together. Wadhwa moderates a panel discussion on what’s needed to close the gender gap in the tech sectors.

About the speakers Sharon Vosmek is CEO of Astia, a community of investors, entrepreneurs and industry leaders spanning North America, Europe, South America and India. Dane Stangler is vice president of Research & Policy at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, where he leads the research & policy department and serves on the senior leadership team. Anousheh Ansari, the first female private space explorer, is co-founder and chairman of Prodea Systems, a company working to integrate people, data and devices.

Vivek Wadhwa, one of Time Magazine's “Forty Most Influential Minds in Technology,” is a professor, researcher, and entrepreneur. Alongside award-winning journalist Chideya, he set out to collect anecdotes and essays from global leaders, sharing how their experiences in innovative industries frame the future of entrepreneurship. Innovating Women offers fresh perspectives on the challenges that women face, the strategies that they employ in the workplace, and how an organization can succeed or fail in its attempts to support the career advancement of women