Zoom Helps Enable Astia to Fund, Support Women-Led Businesses

Jul 15, 2019

Astia transforms the way today’s businesses are funded. In particular, our organization levels the playing field for women-led, high-growth startups by giving them access to networks, expertise, and funding. The organization has been in existence for 20 years, beginning as the first incubator in San Francisco for women-led businesses and becoming an investor in women-led businesses.

Our goal is simple: Fuel the growth of highly innovative, women-led ventures around the globe, and we do this primarily through three programs:

Astia Access, a multi-stage vetting process, the Astia Expert Sift™, that has proven to be a superior method for identifying the best investment opportunities
Astia Angels, an angel community that invests in startups identified by Astia Access
Astia Think, keynotes and thought leadership publications

We created the Astia Angels program in 2013. Since its founding, Astia Angels members have directly invested $22 million of their own money and syndicated an additional $300 million in funding for companies that pass the Astia Expert Sift. The results speak for themselves: Our investments are delivering 2x the market returns of similar-vintage VC funds!

But how do we make it all happen? We do it using Zoom.

How Astia Uses Zoom
At Astia, we use the Zoom platform to run virtually (no pun intended!) all aspects of our programs:

Astia Expert Sift process: Astia Expert Sift is a multi-stage, crowdsourced process where we assess the business plans submitted by companies in our Astia Access program. Each stage involves capturing feedback from multiple Astia community members, and those that reach the end of the process are invited to present to an online group of C-level screeners and potential investors — all done using Zoom!
Astia Angels support: On average, Astia Angels complete two funding deals a month, and all of the meetings supporting these activities are conducted via Zoom.
Internal meetings: All internal Astia meetings are held over Zoom. With staff in San Francisco, Oakland, Palo Alto, New York, and London, we are truly a virtual global organization and rely on Zoom every day to get our work done.
Essential to the Mission

Essential to the Mission
Zoom has become an essential part of our infrastructure. Without it, we could not advance our mission and solve one of the biggest problems in the entrepreneurial ecosystem — addressing the underfunding of outstanding women-led startups.

Barb Gee is the Chief Revenue Officer at Astia. For more information about the organization and its mission, visit http://astia.org/ or send Barb an email at barb@astia.org