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Terence Craig

Senior Advisor (fmr Managing Director, Astia)

Terence Craig is the Chief Investment Officer for The Impact Seat, one of the leading independent investors in high growth technology companies led by women, especially women of color. At The Impact Seat, Terence leads investment activities and provides post-investment support for over 60 portfolio companies and monitors their LP investment in several venture funds.

An experienced technologist, speaker and author, Terence has founded multiple companies and has served as the Chief Technology Officer at multiple venture-backed companies including the Mayfield funded Consensys Software and several pioneering enterprise and Big Data software companies.

Terence was one of the earliest Black CEOs and founders to raise venture capital (way back in 1998), and he uses that experience and expertise to improve the startup ecosystem. His goal has been to support other “non-traditional” founders in navigating the startup landscape. His efforts to increase inclusion in the startup ecosystem led Terence to join the executive team at Astia Angels, an international angel group focused on investing in high-growth companies with women on the leadership team. During his time at Astia, Terence ran a pilot investment program to support Women of Color called the Representation Program, funded by strategic corporate funders. The program was such a success that Astia has now made it a permanent part of their investment platform. Terence’s book, Privacy & Big Data, has been translated into several languages and is currently available for purchase on numerous platforms such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Google Books.

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