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Our thesis is that women matter, and that diverse teams outperform.

Astia invests in high-growth companies with women leaders, following their successful completion of our Expert Sift™ process.
We follow innovators rather than trends, and invest across a variety of industries. Astia Investment vehicles directly support our nonprofit mission to level the investment playing field.
Inclusive teams are more likely to succeed, and through Astia Fund, Astia Angels and Astia Edge, we provide the capital and networks required to get there.











Curated Deal-Flow
Astia screens close to 1,000 startups every year, yielding the best, high potential investment opportunities with inclusive teams.
Expert Due Diligence
Our Astia Advisors and Astia Investments team bring an expert crowd wisdom and unparalleled sector depth and investment experience.
Investment Syndication
Our 20 year history and global network allow access to syndicate globally with top tier venture capital firms, private equity firms, and family offices.
Global Perspectives
As an entrepreneur-driven, and industry agnostic organization and network, we invest in ideas that will change tomorrow rather than localized trends.
Proprietary Virtual Platform
View startup pitches, ask questions, invest and manage your deals from anywhere in the world  through our Astia Connect platform.
Learn How to Invest
Astia enables those sitting on the sidelines of early-stage investing to build a deep understanding of  investing alongside a global community of seasoned investors.
We have signed the Principles for Responsible Investing pledge.

Interested in investing with us?

Diversify your investment strategy, align your investment and impact, and join a group of top tier global investors dedicated to inclusion in early stage investment.
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