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We innovate on the traditional venture model, and rethink how investment decisions are made: with data and expert crowd wisdom, and a proven, documented, and repeatable model. 


Expert Sift™ removes bias and identifies top quality, investable deals.

Our global network of Astia Advisors bring an unparalleled depth of expertise in evaluating potential Astia investments to determine those companies with the highest likelihood of success. 

  • How do I apply to Astia?
    Astia accepts applications from high growth companies with at least one woman in a position of significant equity and influence (typically C-suite). We invest in companies that are beyond the concept stage, with demonstrated traction or market validation. Interested companies are asked to create a profile and apply through our Astia Connect platform. We do not typically meet with companies prior to this process (a key factor in our goal to remove bias from investment decisions!). All applicants must provide an executive summary. While we understand that this is atypical for many investors, this document and detailed explanation of your value proposition is crucial for our Astia Advisors to properly review your application in our online and bias-free environment. If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to
  • What happens during the Expert Sift™ process?
    There are 6 steps of the Astia Expert Sift™. This process typically takes 4-6 weeks, but throughout the steps, companies receive valuable connections and advice. 1. Personalized Referral: While we know the incredible value of our global Astia Advisor network in referring many of our high potential companies, ALL companies meeting our criteria are welcome to apply, and referrals are not required. 2. Criteria Screen: Applicants must meet Astia’s criteria: Astia considers visionary companies at any growth stage beyond concept-only, within the sectors of high tech, life sciences, clean tech, consumer tech, and high-growth consumer products and services. At a minimum, startups must have at least one woman in a position of leadership, holding equity. 3. Industry Screen: Experts with 15+ years industry experience review company materials and pro­vide insight and feedback on the market opportunity. 4. Operations Screen: Corporate executives and serial venture-backed entrepreneurs screen applicants, providing critical operational and management feedback. We have been told that this feedback is among the best you will receive in your fundraising efforts, and aimed at supporting you to succeed regardless of funding from Astia. 5. Investor Screen: Accredited investors, including Astia Angels members, VCs, angels and other early stage investors are invited to see the companies present and are offered introductions. 6. Astia Executive Team Screen: To better connect these select companies with investors, the Astia Executive Team provides for one final check that includes verification and update of company provided details, identification of community acceleration opportunities, review for potential conflicts of interest, Astia Advisor connections, as well as analysis of potential inter-company synergies for the Astia Angels, Astia Fund, or Astia Edge portfolio.
  • What is the value beyond potential funding for my company?
    Astia’s Connect platform connects our Astia Advisors: serial entrepreneurs, executives, innovators and investors with 15+ years of experience dedicated to our nonprofit mission, with applicant companies. The connections between Astia Advisors and companies applying to Astia are key to our success and impact for women-led deals as our Advisors open their own personal networks and leverage their expertise to create impact far beyond Astia’s direct investment and advisory activities.
  • What if I get turned down at any point in the Expert Sift™ process?
    Astia encourages entrepreneurs to reapply when additional milestones are achieved and/or the concerns raised in the review process have been addressed. We will fasttrack you back to the stage you exited.
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