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Astia Advisors are the backbone of our organization and impact.

Network is critical to success, and business networks typically divide along gender lines.

Astia redefines network by uniting a global community of women and men - seasoned investors, serial entrepreneurs, industry experts, and corporate executives across all sectors - volunteering to source and screen companies through Expert Sift™, connect 1-on-1 with our applicants, and engage with other advisors.
Astia Advisors anchor the community that is Astia, and are an integral component of our investment activity.

Join us as an Astia Advisor

Astia makes over 500 connections per year between our Advisors & our applicant and porfolio companies.

If you have more than 15+ years of experience, and/or have run two venture-backed companies, or managed a source of capital, and like to work with exceptional entrepreneurs - please join us.


Time commitments are very flexible, and your impact, significant. 


"I'm delighted to participate in this dynamic and committed organization
which has played a pivotal role in connecting women-led companies to
capital, both financial and human.

Astia's unique value lies in working to
directly address the funding gap rather than focusing on more common,
less critical goals of "mentoring" and "support.

Rhonda Wallen, Astia Advisor

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