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Astia is a global organization that works to level the investment playing field for startups that include women. Over the past 20 years, Astia has developed a proprietary, tech-enabled process, the Astia Expert Sift™, that engages a global community to eliminate bias in the investment process. This technology platform is called Astia Connect and is built on an enterprise-level Saleforce implementation with a Google Drive integration.

Astia uses the secure Connect platform to provide startups with access to advisors, capital and networks while simultaneously identifying potential investments for its core investment programs, Astia Fund, Astia Angels and Astia Edge. Astia Fund is a $100M venture fund investing in Series A and B stage companies. Astia Angels is a direct investment membership program that enables accredited investors to invest. Astia Edge is a seed stage funding program for companies run by Black and LatinX women CEOs.

Built on twenty years of experience, the Sift is designed to rethink the traditional venture capital model, democratizing the process with an open call for companies, and investment selection underpinned by a data-driven, multi-step expert analysis conducted by Astia Advisors that is “blind” to the makeup of the company’s management team. The process ensures consistency and provides feedback and value to all applying companies, including connection to company advisors. The outcome is data-driven, quality, investable deals sourced and screened without bias.

The Astia Technical Architect will report to the CEO and will work closely with the Director of Astia Access who is responsible for managing the Sift process. The Architect is responsible for both the day-to-day operations of Astia Connect as well as new feature development.

As an organization that is driven by the belief in the power of inclusive teams, Astia values building a team that reflects diverse experiences and networks that can be brought to bear on our mission.


  • Technical lead and support for organization

    • Salesforce backend support, both for staff and Connect users, to troubleshoot, fix and communicate solutions to problems reported

    • Google backend support, certificates, whitelabeled urls, service accounts, removing redundant folders, fixing permissions, etc.

    • Direct customer support by email/zoom

  • Connect Platform Development

    • Implement new requirements for enhancements and changes

    • Connect/Salesforce bug fixing on the user interface, SF/Google access, onboarding and all expert sift automation

    • Completing unfinished project

    • Guarantee compatibility with new Salesforce releases, which happens 3 times/year

    • Backing up both data (weekly export) and metadata (monthly sandbox)

    • Creation/refreshing development sandboxes

    • Testing Connect changes before release to production

Skills and Experience Desired

5 years of relevant work experience strongly preferred.

  • Fully knowledgeable in Salesforce App (backend) administration, including page layouts, flows, reports and dashboards

  • Experienced Salesforce developer with a minimum Salesforce certification of Platform Developer 2

  • Fully versed in all levels of Apex and SOQL

  • Experience developing Salesforce Lightning components; fully versed in javascript, html/css and the apex framework

  • Experience building Salesforce community sites, and has used the Salesforce Builder and Admin tools

  • Knows about Salesforce visualforce pages and logic

  • Knows about OAuth2 and Salesforce third party authentication

  • Ideally knows about Google credentials and the Google Drive API

  • Ideally has some domain knowledge about venture capital investment


Part Time or Full Time. Astia is headquartered in San Francisco, but the position can work from other geographies. The Astia team is EU and US based so ability to be flexible across geographies is key. 

Please send cover letter and resume/CV to

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