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Victoria Pettibone

CIO and Managing Partner, Astia Fund

Victoria is an active investor and advisor in the innovation economy and Managing Director of Astia, a global organization that levels the investment playing field for entrepreneurial teams with women leaders. As Managing Director, Victoria is one of four members of the Investment Team for Astia Fund, an early stage venture fund investing in women-led companies. Since 2013, Victoria has managed Astia’s direct investment activity through an international LP base made up of family offices and high net worth women and men investing in women-led companies. Under Victoria’s curation, management and investment execution, the group has gone from two investments to over one hundred, with more than $26M invested by Astia investors alongside over $430M in syndicate. Victoria’s personal portfolio of investments includes over 20 female led companies. Victoria was recently featured in the book “The Intelligent Investor: Silicon Valley” by Allison Davis and Matthew C. Le Merle.

Victoria brings an entrepreneurial background to her work at Astia, as the former founder of a social enterprise in the media space. For her work focused on empowering women and girls in media, Victoria was recognized as an “Action Figure” in Women’s Health Magazine (2007), received The Avon Hello Tomorrow Fund Award (2007), the Harlequin More than Words Award (2010) and was named one of "25 Visionaries Changing the World" in UTNE Reader magazine (2010).

Victoria holds a Masters in Public Administration from Columbia University, and a BA from Stanford University where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa with honors. Victoria is a member of Mastercard’s Women’s Business Advisory Council. She is an arts advocate, an avid skier and scuba diver, a former amateur pilot, and mother of two.

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